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2009 NFL Draft - Houston Texans


1 - #15 OLB Brian Cushing, USC

- We needed a SLB coming into this draft and we got him here. I really wanted Malcolm Jenkins, but when New Orleans took him #14 then it was down to either Cushing or Clay Matthews. I personally think that Matthews has more upside/potential, but I also think that Cushing is more NFL ready and is a much safer pick. He will start from day 1 at SLB and lined up with DeMeco Ryans at MLB and Xavier Adibi at WLB the Texans finally have a formidable lineup at LB.

Pick Grade: A-

2 - #46 DE Connor Barwin, Cincinnati

- Even with the addition of Antonio Smith in FA we really needed to grab another pass rusher. Smith is a much better option than Anthony Weaver at DE, but he is still more of a run stuffer than a pass rusher. With this pick the Texans get an absolute freak who can come in on pass rushing situations and just get after it. He also has the versatility to play OLB or can be a stand-up rusher so although he will not start, he will get some work immediately and will contribute.

Pick Grade: B+

3 - #77 C Antoine Caldwell, Alabama

- Another great pick here. The Texans are weak in the interior line and especially at Center. Last year's starter, Chris Myers, was marginal at best and we really needed an upgrade. Not only is Caldwell a great interior lineman, but he also has the versatility to play Guard or Center although I see him being the starting Center before the season is over. He was also a team captain and team leader at Alabama and has a hard earned reputation as a multiple Academic All-Conferece selection.

Grade: A

4 - #112 FS Glover Quin, New Mexico

- I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled when we made this pick because I thought we should have gone with a more impactful DB, but Quin is still a good player. He will play FS in the NFL and I think he is a developmental prospect that will need a few years to develop, but hopefully he can progress enough to challenge Eugene Wilson for the starting FS job in a few years. He does not have ideal size for the position, but his tenacity and athleticism make up for that.

Grade: B-

4 - #122 TE Anthony Hill, NC State

- Another pick that I was not very high on at first, but one that has been increasingly growing on me. The Texans offense ranked 3rd in total yds last year, but only ranked 22nd in scoring because of a combination of too many turnovers and poor red zone offense. This pick can help change that in my opinion because Hill was actually rated as the best blocking TE in the draft and should give us an immediate upgrade in the run game. He will probably not be much of an option in the passing game, but from what I have heard it is like having 3 offensive tackles on the field when he is out there.

Grade: B-

5 - #152 TE James Casey, Rice

- Love this pick. Casey brings a nice combination of athleticism and versatility to the offense and should be an excellent receiving option for QB Matt Schaub. Owen Daniels is a Pro-Bowl TE, but it will be nice to add another underneath option for Schaub in the passing game. I actually compare his game to Owen Daniels in that most of his value comes from his skills as a receiver although he is not as complete as OD is. However, the Texans already stellar offense just got a little bit better with this pick.

Grade: B

6 - #188 CB Brice McCain, Utah

- Not very fond of this pick. The Texans really needed to address the secondary early and they failed to do so. I thought we really needed to grab an impact DB in this draft and we did not. I thought that we should have gone CB earlier because they were flying off the board, but we went in another direction. Sadly, even though we did go CB late I am still not happy with the pick. I don't ever see McCain progressing past a nickel or dime back role and we just didn't need another one of those guys on a team that is already full of them.

Grade: C

7 - #223 SS Troy Nolan, Arizona State

- I really thought we should have gone SS earlier, but we managed to land a good prospect in Nolan, who I thought would already be gone at this point. He has decent size and good ball skills, but he really needs to work on his tackling if he expects to see the field for us. I think he has the potential to possibly become a starting SS, but he will need a few years to develop into that type of player. Hopefully he can progress quickly because the current starter at SS, Nic Ferguson, is 35 yrs old.

Unrestricted Free Agents Signed:

T Jason Watkins, Florida

- A solid Tackle prospect who I did not expect to go undrafted. He gives the Texans some added depth at OT, which we sorely need.

DT Josh Leonard, Hawaii

- Not familiar with him, but depth on the interior defensive line is always good.

RB Arian Foster, Tennessee

- Will add some depth to the RB corp and should be the best option as a goalline back.

RB Jeremiah Johnson, Oregon

- Should excel in the ZBS and will probably be the #2 option at RB by mid-season.


I love this draft! We added a starting OLB, a pass rusher, an interior lineman, depth in the secondary, and some nice options at TE. I think that Cushing will start at SLB this year and that Caldwell will be starting at either Center or RG by the end of the season. Barwin will be an incredible asset as a pass rusher and having Mario Williams across from him will only increase his production. Nolan, Quin, and McCain add some much needed depth to the secondary, but most of all to the special teams. Hill will be a great asset as a special teamer and as a blocker at TE. Casey is very versatile and will probably get work at TE, FB, long snapper, and possilby as the QB in the Wildcat formation. All in all a very nice draft.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

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OCMD 2.0 - Arizona Cardinals Draft


1 - #31 RB Donald Brown, UConn

- This pick really sells itself. Arizona is in dire need of a RB because Edgerrin James has a year or two left with the team at most and backup Tim Hightower is not a guy that you want to have as your starter. I like the pick of Brown because he really fits the Cardinals offense. He would team up with Edge in a platoon role at RB and eventually replace him as the starter. If Edge leaves then Brown will start as a rookie and platoon with Hightower. Brown has good size and good speed and he is a workhorse. He is not the biggest guy, but he has no problem getting 20 carries a game. The best thing about him though is he is a very good blocker for a RB and in Arizona's pass-happy offense that is something that the RB's must be able to do.

2 - #63 OLB Cody Brown, UConn

- With Arizona transitioning to the 3-4 defense they need to revamp their LB corp. They are set on the inside with Karlos Dansby and Gerald Hayes, but OLB is the problem. They have some good players in Chike Okeafor and Travis LaBoy, but those guys are not the best options as "rush" LB's. Brown played DE in college, but because of his size he translates as an OLB to the NFL anyway. Using his pass rush ability on the outside could really help this defense that really struggled picking up the 3-4 last year and eventually dumped it. Brown may or may not start, but he figures to be an immediate impact guy with a large role as a rookie either way.

3 - #95 C Antoine Caldwell, Alabama

- This where the Cardinals need a lot of help. They have some quality players on the offensive line, but no depth whatsoever. The current incumbent at Center, Lyle Sendlein, struggled tremendously last year and it is not a stretch to say that Caldwell could take his job away as a rookie. Even if he doesn't start the Cardinals are very weak in the interior line so depth anywhere is a big plus.

4 - #131 OLB Phillip Hunt, Houston

- Another attempt at revamping the rush LB position here. Hunt, like Cody Brown, played DE in college but just does not have the size that you want for a 4-3 DE in the NFL. For some reason he is not getting as much publicity and hype as the other 3-4 OLB's, but this guy can play and he can rush the passer. Like Brown, he will most likely contribute immediately even if it is as a situational player. He really reminds me of DeMarcus Ware, just less talented and not as developed. He should turn out to be a very good rush LB though.

5 - #167 QB Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State

- This is a depth pick. The Cardinals drafted Matt Leinhart a few years ago to be their franchise QB, but he has struggled making the transition to the NFL. Kurt Warner has done a tremendous job as the starter for them recently, but he can't play forever. Bomar has a very good arm and can move around in the pocket, but can be inconsistent with his accuracy. I don't really see him developing into a starting QB in the NFL, but he has the skills to do so. I see him turning into a nice backup option to Matt Leinhart for the Cards'.

6 - #204 T Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech

- Arizona seriously needs depth on the offensive line and this is a nice pick for them. Gardner is a great athlete with good size. He really excels as a run blocker which doesn't make him the best fit for Arizona's offense, but he was the best Tackle on the board and Arizona really needs help on the O-Line.

7 - #240 G Travis Bright, BYU

- Once again the Cards' need some serious help on the offensive line. Bright is a very solid offensive lineman, but he is a late round prospect because of his age. He went on a church mission before he began his career at BYU so that turns off a lot of teams. He also has limited upside, but he is still a solid lineman. However, Arizona really needs some interior line help and although Bright is a bit of a quick fix he would still be a welcome addition to this team.

7 -#254 TE Marquez Branson, Central Arkansas

- The Cards' have  a nice, big target at TE in Leonard Pope and have some decent options as backups, but Branson is just to intriguing a prospect to pass up. He has decent size, but is an excellent receiver. He benefitted a little bit from having a good QB in college, but he is still a very good prospect as a receiving TE.


Arizona had a nice draft. They added their RB of the future in Donald Brown and added two 3-4 rush LB's in Cody Brown and Phillip Hunt. The Cards' also seriously needed to add some depth on the offensive line and did that with taking a potential starting Center in Caldwell and some nice depth picks late. I also like the late pick of Rhett Bomar at QB and Marquez Branson at TE. Nice draft.

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OCMD 2.0 - San Diego Chargers


1 - #19 OLB Everette Brown, Florida State

- Brown is one of the top 3-4 "rush" LB's in this draft and is perfect for a 3-4 defense. However, the Chargers are already stacked at LB and unless they plan on dumping one soon this pick really doesn't help much. Shaun Phillips has one OLB job on lock and the other job is a competition between past starter Matt Wilhelm and newly acquired Kevin Burnett. Brown is a beast pass rusher and could immensely help out the Chargers defense, if he could get on the field. I feel the Chargers would have been better served by going after a DE like Tyson Jackson with this pick because DE is a big need for them after the departure of Igor Olshansky in FA. I think Brown is a tremendous player, but unless he can beat out one of the incumbents at OLB then he will be burried on the depth chart.

2 - #59 SS Patrick Chung, Oregon

- I love this pick and it makes all the sense in the world to me. The team has three excellent CB's to compete for those jobs and Eric Weddle has the FS job on lockdown, but SS is a complete mystery. Right now the starter would probably be Clinton Hart, but Patrick Chung would walk in and have that starting job by training camp. He is very versatile as a SS because of his tackling ability combined with his speed and even though he is not the best DB in coverage, I think he will become a tremendous SS in the future. This is one of my favorite picks in the entire draft because Chung is such a good player and because it seems like such a perfect fit.

4 - #120 WR Johnny Knox, Abilene Christian

- This guy is a burner. Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers are the unquestioned starting WR's coming into the season, but the team needs some more depth here and more playmakers. Craig "Buster" Davis is one of these guys, but the Chargers could use another. Knox is small in stature, but the guy can fly. He is a developmental prospect as a WR as he needs some time to develop his NFL game, but he could make an immediate contribution in the return game. Darren Sproles is currently the primary return man, but as his workload will most likely increase next year it is good to have another option availiable.

4 - #133 DT Corey Irvin, Georgia

- I don't really see Irvin as a 3-4 NT, but since the Chargers are in need of some 3-4 DE's I think Irvin is a good pick. He played as a 4-3 DT in college, but most 3-4 DE's are big lineman that saw action on the inside in college. Luis Castillo is a perfect example of that. He played DT in college, but was moved outside to DE in the Chargers 3-4 defense and has thrived there. I don't see Irvin starting, but he would be a nice addition to the defensive line rotation and is a valuable depth guy.

4 - #134 WR Aaron Kelly, Clemson

- I like the Kelly pick because he reminds me a bit of Vincent Jackson with his combination of size and speed. He is not quite as big as Jackson, but that is okay because Jackson will be around for a while. Kelly had a stellar career in college until his senior year when Quarterback Cullen Harper completely unraveled. I could see the Chargers giving Kelly a few years to develop and then having him replace Chris Chambers in the starting lineup.

5 - #155 CB Christopher Owens, San Jose State

- Good depth pick here by the Chargers. They have three standout CB's in Cromartie, Jammer, and Cason, but could use some additonal depth at the position. Owens will not be a starter in the NFL, but he could contribute as a dime back early in his career and maybe progrees to the nickel CB position. He is not very big, but he is a very gifted athlete and, IMO, he actually translates better to the NFL than his more heralded teammate Coye Francies.

5 - #163 DE Matt Shaughnessy, Wisconsin

- This pick leaves me scratching my head. Shaughnessy is not big enough to play DE in a 3-4 so he would be thrust into a rush LB role with the Chargers and he just does not translate well to that position at all. He is too slow and would be absolutely burried on the depth chart by more gifted athletes. Also the pick of Everette Brown in the 1st round makes this pick even more of a head scratcher.


The Chargers are already loaded with talent so their draft is based more on filling needs and adding depth. Everette Brown will end up being a very good rush LB in the NFL, but he will probably not start as a rookie although he will see some action. The Chargers are already loaded at OLB so I really feel they should have gone a different route with their 1st rounder. Most of the other picks the Chargers made were just to add depth to certain positions lacking in it and I like these picks, except for the Shaughnessy pick. Also, the Chung pick is an absolute steal for them IMO. He will most likely start for them as a rookie and combined with Eric Weddle the Chargers will have a very formidable young Safety tandem.

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OCMD 2.0 - New York Giants Draft


1 - #29 WR Percy Harvin, Florida

- Harvin is an extremely explosive and dynamic player, but at the same time is a head-scratcher for New York. The Giants already have a few small, fast WR's in Domenik Hixon, Mario Mannignham, and Sinorice Moss. While I think Harvin could be better than all of those guys he is also very raw as a WR and would probably be used only as a KR/PR man, occasional deep threat WR, or maybe be used in the Wildcat formation as a youngster. He is a very talented player, but I just don't see where he fits in here. It looks like Steve Smith will be replacing Amani Toomer as the #2 WR and possession guy, but the Giants will be hard pressed to find somebody to fill Plaxico Burress' role between the rest of the WR's on the roster. Harvin could probably play in the slot as a #3 WR, but with all of the other WR's on the roster this pick just doesn't seem like a good fit for them. Also his skill set as a RB is very similar to that of backup Ahmad Bradshaw's so his versatiltiy there is also not much of a need. All in all good player, but wrong team.

2 - #45 T Jamon Meredith, South Carolina

- Good depth pick here for the Giants. They have superb starting Tackles in Diehl and McKenzie, but seriously lack quality depth at the position. A strong, athletic Tackle Meredith earned the starting job near the end of his sophmore season in college and never relinquished it. He suffered from an ankle injury late last year that may have hurt his stock a little bit, but I think he came off the board in the right area. He will probably not start for New York in the near future, but he adds some depth to the offensive line at a position that sorely needed it.

2 - #60 RB Andre Brown, NC State

- Brown is an intriguing pick. He has an excellent blend of size and speed, but has a concerning injury history and also did not start much in college despite his talent. He also struggled with consistency throughout his college career. He will go high in the draft based on potential alone, but I don't really see where he fits in on the Giants. They already have a big banger in their starter Brandon Jacobs and they have a change of pace guy in the backup Ahmad Bradshaw. Brown is pretty much a combination of the two, but I have a hard time seeing him break into the top 2 on the depth chart. The Giants just gave Jacobs a contract extension so if it is in their near future plans to part ways with Bradshaw then I can understand this pick, but if that is not the case then Brown will just be stuck in this position as a #3 RB for the time being.

3 - #100 WR Brandon Tate, North Carolina

- Tate is a good player, but with his chronic knee problems he might not even have an NFL future at all. I think the Giants really reached here for Tate because he is a late round prospect and is in no way deserving of a 3rd round pick. Also, the Giants once again took another smaller WR which will not really do anything to help them. Sure Tate is a good return man, but so is Harvin. He will also be surrounded by other smaller WR's and be burried on the depth chart early, much like Harvin. In all reality this pick just does not really make sense especially with the Harvin pick in round 1.

4 - #110 OLB Zach Follet, California

- Finally a pick that I can get behind. The Giants have decent starters at OLB, but they could use an upgrade and the depth at the position is not that good anyway. Follet could come in as a special teams player and a backup LB and do some dirty work for a year or two before he gets a real look at the starting job. However, I do think he is capable of becoming a starting OLB for them he just needs to be given some time to develop.

4 - #119 CB Coye Francies, San Jose State

- Another good need pick here. The Giants have two good starting CB's, but once again not much depth at the position. He has some off the field issues, but if he and the Giants can deal with that then he could work as a special teams player and dime back as a rookie. I don't see him as a starting CB in the NFL, but he could become a good role player/special teams player and may even improve his game into becoming a nickel CB. Still the Giants need depth here so a good pick.

4 - #129 FS David Bruton, Notre Dame

- This a pick that I, at the same time, like and dislike. Bruton had a stellar combine and really improved his draft stock, but I don't ever see him taking Kenny Phillips starting job away. He is a beast on special teams though and could have quite a career as a role player just like Francies. I think that he has the potential to maybe start as a FS someday, but he will never do that with Phillips ahead of him on the depth chart. Good pick though because it once again addresses the Giants depth problems in the secondary.

5 - #151 FB Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M

- This pick continues the trend of picks the Giants have made in this draft that I don't agree with. Lane really showed no progress last year as a FB and his NFL career will probably consist of special teams and goalline work. However, I find it hard to believe that he will steal carries away from Brandon Jacobs on the goalline. He has a lot of potential as a FB, but he has to be willing to work for it and he has not shown that he is capable of that. He seems more interested in trying to be a RB than accepting the fact that he will be a FB. In all honestly I see him washing out of the NFL because of his poor attitude.

5 - #152 TE Davin Drew, Eastern Carolina

- I love this pick. The Giants already have their starter at TE in Kevin Boss, but they don't really have any capable options behind him. Drew is an excellent blocker at TE who could contribute early in two TE sets because of his blocking ability. He is also a nice target as a receiver and really improved his receiving skills last year, but his real value lies in his blocking ability.

5 - #164 G Anthony Parker, Tennessee

- This pick is based purely on depth and I love it. The Giants have very good guards in Snee and Seubert, but just like the Tackle position they have very little depth. Parker is a very experienced lineman with almost 40 career starts under his belt and he will be an excellent addition to the Giants offensive line as a backup. I don't really see him as an effective starter in the NFL, but he is more than capable as a fill-in and depth guy.


The Giants seemed to have the BPA philosophy early in this draft. Percy Harvin and Andre Brown are really good players with a lot of potential, but they just do not really make sense for the Giants especially so early in the draft. The Giants really seemed to be going after the "sexy" players here, trying to make waves instead of just drafting based on need. They did a lot better as the draft progressed and really hit some major needs late, but I feel like they were trying to hit the home run early and it was just not a good draft plan. They drafted some good players, but some of them just do not fit on this team and with 10 picks, all in the first 5 rounds, I really expected more from this draft class.

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OCMD 2.0 - Cleveland Browns Draft


1 - #20 DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

- Good pick here for the Browns. They sat at #5 and didn't like the board so they traded back and filled a need by taking Jackson. In their 3-4 defense Shaun Rogers holds down the NT job, but DE is a mystery. Corey Williams currently has a hold on one job, but the other is open and Cleveland really needs someone to fill that gap. Jackson is more of a run stuffer than a pass rusher at DE which makes him a perfect candidate for duty as a 3-4 DE. He has great size for the position and will start.

2 - #33 OLB Clay Matthews, USC

- Great need pick here. Kamerion Wimbley is one of the starters at OLB, but the other spot is up for grabs. Wimbley is a converted DE who plays the 3-4 rush LB position so grabbing a true OLB is a big plus for Cleveland. Matthews didn't start much in college due to a combination of being a walk-on plus competing for a starting job on the insanely talent deep USC roster. Matthews has a great blend of size and athleticism and he also has the versatility to play inside, but he will definetely start outside at OLB.

2 - #48 C Max Unger, Oregon

- Unger is such a highly regarded prospect because of his combination of talent and versatility. He is primarily a Center prospect, but also has experience as a Guard and can play anywhere on the interior line. The Browns currenlty have a good offensive line and Unger would probably not start, but he would provide quality depth at all three interior positions. The left side of the line is great, but the other lineman are aging and current Center Hank Fraley is 32. Unger will probably sit the bench for a few years as a depth guy and then walk into a starting role.

2 - #50 RB LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh

- Another good need pick here. Jamal Lewis is the current starter, but he is geting old and there is little depth behind him on the roster. Jerome Harrison is a capable back, but he is not someone that you want as your primary backup. McCoy had a stellar career at Pittsburgh and is a very explosive athlete. His draft stock has suffered lately in part because of a few bad workouts and the emergence of Donald Brown, However, he is a very talented runner and a very capable backup and change of pace back for Lewis. He will start once Lewis is gone.

3 - #79 WR Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma

- Another great pick. Braylon Edwards is on the trading block and Donte Stallworth is in trouble with the law. This leaves the Browns with zero depth at WR outside of Josh Cribbs. Cribbs is an excellent return man and a capable slot WR, but you do not want him to be your #2 WR. Iglesias was a key part of that record setting offense at Oklahoma and has good size, good speed, and excellent hands. He would be better served as a #2 WR early in his career, but he may be thrust into the #1 WR role because of the chaos the Browns have at the WR position.

6 - #177 S Emmanuel Cook, South Carolina

- Amazing that he lasted this long. Cook is a 4th round prospect who somehow managed to find his way into the 6th round. While he does not have great size for the position, his versatiltiy to play either Safety position is one of his greatest assets. Brodney Pool currently has the SS spot locked down, but the FS job is wide open and he could possibly walk in and start.


The Browns traded back in the 1st round and picked up an extra pick to give them a 1st, three 2nd's, and a 3rd round pick in the draft. All in all five picks in the top 80 in the draft. The Browns have many needs and hit them early and often. Their 1st round pick Tyson Jackson will probably start at DE as a rookie as will Clay Matthews at OLB. Max Unger provides added talent and versatility to the interior of the offensive line and LeSean McCoy will work a platoon role at RB with Jamal Lewis and is the eventual successor. Adding Cook late in the draft only adds to the stellar class that the Browns took in.

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OCMD 2.0 - Baltimore Ravens Draft


1 - #27 WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina

- Nicks has good size for a WR and he has good speed, but not deep speed. He is made in more of the mold of a possession WR than a playmaker. He will not be a #1 WR, but with some work he could be a very capable #2. He figures to start out as the #3 WR behind Mason and Clayton and then when Mason is gone in a few years he will become the new #2. A good WR, but what you see is what you get. Not a lot of future upside.

2 - #41 DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech

- Best pick talent-wise by far for the Ravens. At 6'7 266 lbs. I don't quite know yet how Johnson would do in a 3-4 defense, but it is interesting. He definetely has the size to play 4-3 DE, but he is a bit undersized for a 3-4 DE. That would mean he would move out to a 3-4 rush OLB position in the Ravens defense which is scary to say the least. He undoubtedly has the athleticism to play out there, but I would question his coverage abilities since he has always played as a down DE. I think the Ravens would use him as a 3-4 rush LB and as a situational pass rusher until he learned the position.

3 - #76 CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland

- Barnes' stock has suffered because of a late season injury last year. He is big for a CB, 6'1 187 lbs, but also fast and athletic. All in all he is a very good athlete and a solid CB. Sadly CB is one of the Ravens strongest positions on the team and he probably will not see the field much, unless used in a dime package. Samari Rolle will retire soon so he could be the nickel CB in a few years, but the guys in front of him are young so unless he improves drastically or somebody leaves in FA he will remain a nickel CB.

4 - #115 RB Cedric Peerman, Virginia

- This is an interesting pick because the Ravens already have a group of good RB's in Willis McGahee, Ray Rice, and HB/FB LeRon McClain. This is probably an insurance pick because of injuries last year and because of McGahee's injury history. Peerman is a very good athlete, has a good combination of size and speed, and is a solid RB overall. He is good coming out of the backfield catching the ball, which is probably where he will get most of his work early in his career.


I may not be the only one to notice this, but all 4 of the guys drafted by Baltimore are from ACC schools. This may be because of familiarity or it may just be a random occurance. The Ravens did a good job grabbing a solid WR in the 1st and struck gold with Johnson in the 2nd. Although he is much better suited to a 4-3 defense Johnson could be an explosive pass rusher in the Ravens defense. Grabbing a solid CB in the 3rd was a nice touch as was adding a good RB in the 4th. Overall the Ravens grabbed some good players in the draft, but did not do much to address depth as 2 of their 4 picks were spent on positions that were already pretty deep.

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Aggie's Mock Draft

This is a mock draft on whom I think each team SHOULD take in the NFL Draft, not who they will take. Sadly I believe the Lions will really take Stafford #1, but I disagree with that move. I think they should build up the O-Line first, but alas here we go . .


1) Detroit - T Jason Smith, Baylor

2) St. Louis - T Eugene Monroe, Virginia

3) Kansas City - OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest

4) Seattle - QB Matt Stafford, Georgia

5) Cleveland - DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, Texas

6) Cincinnati - WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

7) Oakland - DT B.J. Raji, Boston College

8) Jacksonville - WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri

9) Green Bay - OLB Aaron Maybin, Penn State

10) San Francisco - DE/OLB Everette Brown, Florida State

11) Buffalo - OLB Brian Cushing, USC

12) Denver -DE Tyson Jackson, LSU

13) Washington - T Michael Oher, Ole Miss

14) New Orleans - CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

15) Houston - OLB Clay Matthews, USC

16) San Diego - MLB Rey Maualuga, USC

17) NY Jets - RB Chris Wells, Ohio State

18) Denver - CB Vontae Davis, Illinois

19) Tampa Bay - QB Mark Sanchez, USC

20) Detroit - T Andre Smith, Alabama

21) Philadelphia - TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State

22) Minnesota - WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers

23) New England - MLB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State

24) Atlanta - DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss

25) Miami - CB Darius Butler, UConn

26) Baltimore - WR Percy Harvin, Florida

27) Indianapolis - WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland

28) Philadelphia - RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

29) NY Giants - DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech

30) Tennessee - C Alex Mack, California

31) Arizona - RB Donald Brown, UConn

32) Pittsburgh - CB/FS Sean Smith, Utah

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OCMD 2.0 - Houston Texans Draft


1 - #15 - CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

- Pure need pick here. The Texans are targeting Jenkins and Clay Matthews in the 1st round, but if Jenkins falls to us he is the pick. He is an All-American CB, Thorpe Award winner, and multiple time All-Big Ten selection. He was a consensus top 10 pick after his junior year and at the beginning of this past season, but after the combine he was suddenly looked at as a FS prospect who fell into the 10-20 range. However, I judge players by game tape and not workout numbers and despite his "poor" 40 time I still see him as a solid #1 CB prospect. He would start across from Dunta Robinson and would replace him next year if Dunta leaves in FA.

2 - #56 - OLB Connor Barwin, Cincinnati

- Another need pick here. He is looked upon by the "draft experts" as purely being one of those 3-4 rush LB types. One of those guys that plays 4-3 DE in college, but is undersized so he is taken as a 3-4 OLB. However, I have been so impressed by Barwin that I drafted him as a 4-3 OLB. I think at 250 lbs and with a 4.47 40 time he has the size and the athleticism to play OLB in a 4-3 and I took him as a strongside linebacker. It is really hard to judge his potential/ability as a 4-3 LB because he has not played it so there is no tape on it, but once again I think he is more than capable of playing the position and I actually look at this pick as being my best pick in the draft so far. I think if he is a quick study and a quick learner then he could start at SLB as a rookie. I don't forsee him starting as a rookie because of the learning curve, but he can provide some depth at DE until he is ready.

3 - #68 - C Eric Wood, Louisville

- Once again another need pick. Chris Myers is currently our starting Center, but I have not been that impressed with him. He is a capable run blocker, but his pass blocking is below adequate at best. Outside of Alex Mack, Wood is my favorite Center prospect in the draft and I feel very fortunate to have taken him in the 3rd round. I think that if he can pick up the zone blocking scheme quickly then he could replace Myers as the starter at Center as a rookie. If not then he would provide good depth at Guard an at Center and would eventually replace Myers as the starting Center.

4 - #108 - SS Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest

- Keeping the trend going here of need picks in the draft. The Texans need a Safety, but with Eugene Wilson holding down the FS job we need a SS. Nic Ferguson is our current starting SS, but he is 34 years old and the position needs to be upgraded anyway. I really like Chip Vaughn, who along with Aaron Curry and Alphonso Smith was another key contributor on that suffocating Wake Forest defense. He will not start immediately, but give him a year or two to compete with Dominique Barber and one of them will lock down that starting job for the future.

4 - #112 - RB Javarris Williams, Tennessee State

- The Texans finally get their RB here. I was really hoping that Rashad Jennings or Andre Brown would fall to me in the 3rd round, but they got snatched up in the late 2nd. That being the case I decided to wait until the 4th round and dig into the next tier of RB's in the draft. Williams is a big body (5'10 224 lbs) and he is a great athlete. I was down to either him or Cedric Peerman, but I went with Williams because of his usefullness on the goalline. It has been widely critiqued that the Texans need a big body RB to backup Slaton, but I disagree. We just need another talented RB to give him a break every now and then and I think Williams has that potential.

6 - #178 - Sebastian Vollmer, Houston

- The Texans are in dire need of depth on the offensive line, especially at Tackle. Duane Brown and Eric Winston are the unquestioned starters, but with Rashad Butler being the only other Tackle on the roster we really needed to grab another one. Vollmer is an intriguing prospect because he played LT in college, but was moved to RT during the Shrine Game and just exploded. With this move we can use Butler as the primary backup at LT and develop Vollmer as a RT. He needs a few years to develop his game, but he is capable of fulfilling a backup role until then. I think he could start one day.

6 - #188 DE Henry Melton, Texas

- Melton originally played RB in college, but was moved to DE because of his size. He was lackluster as a backup his junior year, but after the hiring of Will Muschamp he really came into his own as a solid DE his senior season. He is not a starter in the NFL, but he provides capable depth and is a quality body added into the very important defensive line rotation. He will probably see time at both DE spots as a backup.

6 - #190 G Greg Isdaner, West Virginia

- Not the highest rated Guard at the time he came off the board, but he fits into the system. The Texans and West Virginia both use a ZBS and they are pretty similar systems. To ask if that makes a difference when talent translates to the NFL just look at Steve Slaton's rookie season. Being very familar with the system he was able to step in and contribute early. Isdaner graduated early so he decided to declare for the draft despite the fact that he would not be a high pick. He has a ton of upside in transitioning to the NFL and should provide quality depth at the Guard position. Maybe in a few years he could push for a starting job.

6 - #200 TE John Phillips, Virginia

- Depth pick here. Owen Daniels is one of the premier young TE's in the league, but with Joel Dressen being the only other TE on the roster this position needs depth. Phillips brings good size to the position and combines that with his athleticism and superb hands. He is a good blocker, runs good routes, and is a good recieving TE. He is a trick of all trades and does not stand out in one are which is probably why he fell so far, but he will add some quality depth to the TE position and will probably contribute early as the #2 TE.

7 - #238 WR Marko Mitchell, Nevada

- With Andre Johnson being the only real redzone target the Texans have really struggled the last few years in the redzone. Mitchell has great size at 6'4 215 lbs and had a very good combine, including a 4.46 40-yd dash. He had a very productive career at Nevada and had a very good season last year considering that Nevada mainly ran an option offense. He is a very intriguing prospect because of his combination of size and speed and is only a late round prospect because not many people know about him.

Draft Analysis:

I feel very good about my draft and feel very comfortable in saying that so far I have drafted a couple of new starters to my team. The Texans have serious needs at CB & OLB and I think Jenkins and Barwin could step in and help out right away and if Wood is as good as I think he is then he could start at Center as well. With the addition of Chip Vaughn to the secondary we have some depth at Safety and now have an eventual successor to Nic Ferguson. Also, adding a RB was a key component to the draft strategy and I think the pick of Javarris Williams is a really good one. He is not well known yet by virtue of playing D-1AA ball, but he will be. Adding Sebastian Vollmer in the 6th round was a big plus because he is a 4th-5th round prospect that I managed to grab late. I think he will be a really good RT someday. The selection of Greg Isdaner in the 6th is a nice pick because he adds depth to the weak Guard position and has a lot of upside. The same can be said about the pick of John Phillips in the 6th as well. He will not be a starter, but he adds some quality depth to a position lacking in it. Also, a big WR was an option in this draft because of our redzone struggles and Marko Mitchell certainly fits that descritpion. Nice draft I think.

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